Public Affairs/Lobbying

Understanding what our clients want to achieve is critical in how we successfully develop strategies.  As former senior advisors to elected officials, the team at M Strategic Communications is keenly adept at assisting our clients achieve their public affair goals by influencing public policy; assisting in developing and amending legislation; and shaping public opinion to help move government decision makers.  And, where we truly shine is in the relationships we’ve built with elected officials and staff at all levels of government.

Strategic Communications

Telling a good story goes a long way in helping our clients get what they need.  At M Strategic Communications we do more than just tell good stories, we help create them.  We take the time to learn what our clients’ stories are so that we can develop and implement persuasive communications campaigns targeted to key audiences and through various media platforms.  Our team is creative in the words we choose, the images we select in order to best fit how the message is being delivered – whether in print, on a website, by email or text, in an advertisement, or through moving images.

Advocacy and Initiative Campaigns

Whether a local initiative finding its way onto the ballot or managing a coalition advocating a particular policy or legislative outcome, M Strategic Communications can run your entire campaign.  Our team has been to battle before and we know what it takes to win.   And, that is why clients hire us. From the start we design campaigns that are successful – developing the strategies, pulling together the tactics, and implementing the plan.

Issues Management

We help to monitor and manage issues for our clients at all levels of government and before a broad range of agencies and governmental bodies.   Through our deep relationships and by always knowing what is going on at City Hall, in the State Capitol, and in Washington, D.C., we are able to identify issues as they arise, and immediately implement a strategy to address them for our clients.  And, because we are always right there and proactive, we are often successful at avoiding crisis situations that become more complex to deal with.

Crisis Communications

As former advisors to elected officials and high profile executives, we’ve faced the bright lights of the media and have helped to guide principals and clients through some tough terrain.  We know how to handle the seemingly negative spotlight, prepare clients and principals for the onslaught of pressure, implement communications plans, and execute the rapid-response tactics designed to save our client’s reputation.  We also understand that crisis communications goes beyond preparing for the bright lights of the media, and can result in being in “hot seat” before government or the public at-large.  Our approach is to minimize loss and to make sure that our client is provided cover and guidance at every turn.

Litigation Support

For organizations facing litigation, protecting “the brand” is of critical importance.  We first and foremost manage the “crisis” and develop the communications support to tell our client’s side of the story.  In our litigation support practice, we employ a multi-disciplinary approach by marrying crisis communications, advocacy, and public affairs to protect our client and their brand.

Community Relations

Local communities have an increasing voice in the development of policies, the approval of projects, and a say in how government operates.  We understand that our clients need help navigating, not only through the government process, but also the community process.  Usually, what it takes is a light touch, strong communications, and a broad vision to help manage the community’s input in a project, while ensuring that our clients interests are protected.